Premium Ratnagiri Alphonso – 4 Dozen (wt 261 to 300gms)

Premium Ratnagiri Alphonso – 4 Dozen (wt 261 to 300gms)


Export quality Alphonso Mango

  • Alphonso directly packed in farms

  • Alphonso Mango weight 261 to 300 Gms in raw stage

  • Standard packaging in 48 pcs only

  • Juicy, Fresh and Handpicked mangoes

  • We are known as alphonso supplier in Rajastan, Alphonso Supplier in Gujrat and other states from our Devgad and Ratnagiri Farms.



Buy Export quality Alphonso Mangoes Devgad / Ratnagiri 

GI- AU/11398/GI/139/1317

Buy Export Quality Devgad Ratnagiri Alphonso Mango 

Konkan, also known as ‘Aparant’ in old literature if famous for its scenic coastline, food and rich culture. Festival of Holika sets world famous Alphonso Mango Harvest. Alphonso Mango here locally known as  Hapus/Hapoos.
Known as the oldest plantation, authentic Alphonso lies in Devgad region in old Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra and then spreaded all across the nation. Although the region of  Devgad is separated from Ratnagiri district, Alphonso from both the areas are equally famous especially the ones that grow at the southern coastal Ratnagiri.
We have our orchards at Devgad as well as at southern Ratnagiri region where we have farms are under contract farming. VecoV currently has 55 such farms in Devgad region and 5 in Ratnagiri region and we are committed to maintain healthy orchards.
We have been following the traditional organic practices over inorganic ways to produce premium quality of fruits. Our product meets international standards and compliance of domestic and export markets.
Our premium export quality Alphonso mangoes which have an impeccable aroma, juicy  pulp and thin skin which makes the fruit more appealing and the skin which peels like a banana and absolutely amazing taste makes it awesome.
Our mangoes gets harvested during the time of March to June for Alphonso and June-Aug for Kesar mango.


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