Alphonso Mango Pulp-20Kg (500gms *40 Pouches)

Alphonso Mango Pulp-20Kg (500gms *40 Pouches)


  • Alphonso Mango pulp 1 kg made up from 10 to 12 Alphonso Mangoes.
  • Pulp is best suited for ice cream, Milkshake and other Mango Products.

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Buy export quality Alphonso Mango Pulp

Buy Alphonso Mango Pulp online at VecoV Farms. This alphonso Mango Pulp at its purest form naturally. Buy Alphonso Mango Pulp in standard packaging of 850 gms Tin.

  • Alphonso Mangoes are hand-picked, sorted, graded, washed and carefully peeled and naturaly ripened

  • Approximately 1kg Alphonso mangoes results into 500 gms Pulp.

  • Rich in Vitamins like Vitamin A, B complex and C.

  • Low in fat and contains not more than 7% of added sugar.

  • Can be enjoyed straight from the Pouch by young and old folks alike!

  • It does not contain any preservatives and artificial colors.

  • Does not contain any artificial flavors and thickeners.

  • Tastes and smells exactly as freshly pulped Alphonso mango.

  • Unopened Pouches, can be safely stored at room temperature!

Instructions for use:

You can enjoy a wide range of easy recipes using our Mango pulp like mango milk-shakes/smoothies, ice-cream, yogurt, tropical cocktails, mousse, cakes, pastries, pies, muffins.


Unopened pouches of Alphonso mango pulp can be safely stored at room temperature. Once the pouch is opened, it is recommended to store it in the refrigerator after transferring the contents into a glass jar.


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