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About Us
Hello, We are Vecov Farms
A Farmer’s Promise

Know what we do:

We produce Premium Quality Devgad / Ratnagiri Hapoos where quality is very centric in our firm. We also produce Solapur Pomegranate and Kashmiri Apples during their respective season. Our experienced quality team ensure the finest quality to our customers, our quality team continually reviews the yield from harvesting every time before the final packaging process takes place.

Our team excels in cultivating and harvesting the world-famous Authentic Devgad Alphonso Mangoes which are known for its superb taste and juicy pulp.

Along with that we know the importance of conserving our nature and thus our team takes all essential steps for making a difference in the environment and the health of humankind.

How we manage our Orchard Network:

Our orchards are well managed at many diversified locations with our well trained team of agriculturists and coordinators. Our logistics starting from the orchards are equipped with just in time supplies to reach any corners of the country quickly.

We have our Alphonso mango and kesar Mango orchards on the west coast (Devgad / Ratnagiri- konkan) and Pomegranate on the deccan plateau of Maharashtra and Apples in Kashmir Valley Himalayas.

Our Konkan Alphonso Mangoes –

Konkan, also known as ‘Aparant’ in old literature if famous for its scenic coastline, food and rich culture. Festival of Holika sets world famous Alphonso Mango Harvest.Alphonso Mango here localy known as  Hapus/Hapoos.

Known as the oldest plantation, authentic Alphonso lies in Devgad region in old Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra and then spreaded all across the nation. Although the region of  Devgad is separated from Ratnagiri district, Alphonso from both the areas are equally famous especially the ones that grow at the southern coastal Ratnagiri.

We have our orchards at Padel, Devgad as well as at southern Ratnagiri region where we have farms are under contract farming. VecoV currently has 55 such farms in Devgad region and 5 in Purnagad, Ratnagiri region and we are committed to maintain healthy orchards.

We have been following the traditional organic practices over inorganic ways to produce premium quality of fruits. Our product meets international standards and compliance of domestic and export markets.

Our premium quality Alphonso mangoes which have an impeccable aroma, juicy  pulp and thin skin which makes the fruit more appealing and the skin which peels like a banana and absolutely amazing taste makes it awesome.

Our mangoes gets harvested during the time of March to June for Alphonso and June-Aug for Kesar mango.

Our Indian Pomegranates-

The juicy red pomegranates of India has so many medicinal benefits that nowadays everyone wants to have the ones which is grown in the traditional way for getting the medicinal uses.  All these uses have been mentioned in ancient scriptures and thus we produce Authentic Solapur Pomegranate in our lush green orchard in Temburni,Solapur, Maharashtra, India.

The fruit has get gotten the same all over the years because of its amazing nutritional facts which is a must be made use of. Pomegranate juice consists of more than hundred phytochemicals and is it is very well rich in antioxidants that improve your immunity and protect the human cells from damage.

The fruit also so has more than 40% of your daily vitamin c requirement and helps in preventing diseases such as Alzheimer’s or cancer. It improves the process of digestion.

The harvest time of our Pomegranates is between Jun – Feb.

Our Kashmiri Apples-

Kashmir is very well renowned as the paradise of earth, which is also home to temperate fruits like apples. The state is famous for  the juicy apples across the globe. The main factor which influences temperature, type of soil, climate and environment. Apple can be grown in all temperatures including both northern and southern hemisphere.

Our handpicked Kashmiri apples from Kazikund, Shopian, Kulgam and Anantnag regions are delivered at your doorstep, across India. We have always had the famous phrase stating eat apple a day and keep doctor away. Surely the fact is really true because Apple is such a fruit that is made to to make you more healthy and to increase your stamina.

Our kashmiri apples are grown in an conventional way so that it it helps you to protect your body against diabetes and will also so have high good stuff in them that is a natural fibre that helps to lower your cholesterol levels. Apples are rich in protective plant compounds and polyphenols that it helps you to protect your body against heart diseases too.

Harvest time of our hand picked apples is between August –December.

A Farmer's Promise

Our Vision & Mission

To establish VecoV as differentiator brand in agricultural products with unique offerings, supreme quality and service standards.
To produce world class products meeting industry standards & compliances in domestic & export market.